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Educational Services

We offer a wide variety of services and methods to address the subjects students struggle with, as well as prepare them for the Minnesota Basic Skills tests, high school entrance exams, and PSAT, SAT,  ACT and even GRE tests.


Students: Help for All

Keeping on top of academics can be difficult, we know.   It’s hard to master your studies without falling behind.  That’s where we come in, we work with you, no matter what your past success level might have been, to figure out where you need the most attention and form a plan that allows you to catch up, keep up, and forge ahead.



At Friedrichs Education we understand parents’ investments in their children’s education.  We work closely with parents and students across the land to pin-point areas that need improvement and to create a comprehensive plan so that open communication exists and better learning can start!

Educational Services

Beyond the fundamentals, I assist many elementary and secondary students in their current school subjects and strengths.I prepare students for Minnesota tests on basic skills, high school entrance exams, and PSAT, SAT, ACT, and GRE exams. I assist youth in currently difficult or stressful subjects with a useful “look-ahead” method.

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Results and prices at Friedrichs Educationare superior to other tutoring services because of our highly individualized, experienced approach. One-to-one tutoring programs supplement, enrich, accelerate, or remediate children’s education in all subjects, particularly in reading, writing, and math.

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